Thursday, October 20, 2005

Which Sci Fi Character are you

I found this personality test that will match your personality to a sci-fi/fantasy character. I was Obi-Wan Kenobi and Chris was Jean-Luc Picard - try the test and see which one you are.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cleaning up my wife's system

My wife's system has been slowing down so much I had two choices: reinstall windows or clean some stuff up. I decided on the later.

First off alot of the stuff was mine. My wife is not a programmer or geek or nerd (those are my titles ) - she mostly uses the computer to surf the web and read email. So I realized that alot of the trash on her computer was mine when I saw six different versions of Java, two different versions of Python (and I am not a python programmer by any stretch of the imagination), photo software for my Canon A80, well you get the picture.

So the first task was to go through and start uninstalling programs. I started by removing older, duplicate versions of any programs, then I removed programs that neither of us were using or had used in a while, then I removed programs that I had installed on my computer and she was not using. All told I had freed up about a gig and a half of space.

Then it was time to clean out the temp files and the registry. I always run ccleaner with good results. But after reading this article I decided to give EasyCleaner a try. I was impressed. The user interface was easy to understand and I liked the startmenu clean up.

Now while I was cleaning up my wife's computer (some of the uninstalls took a while) I was doing some system tweaks on my computer. All of my tweaks came from here but I also found this article that had alot of tips.