Thursday, March 05, 2009

The LEDs are here at last

Last week when I was at Home Depot I saw for the first time LED lightbulbs!!!! While they only had the two prong GR-10 type lightbulbs but that is what Nate has in his room. So I got a couple of them (at $14 each I was not getting a dozen) and replaced the burned out bulbs in Nates room (we always lose a bulb or two in each electrical storm).

Then this week when I was at Sams I saw they had LED bulbs to replace standard 40 watt bulbs! Better yet they were $14 for a three pack!!!! The only reasons I did not stock up on them was they were not dimmable, I am waiting for the 60 watt replacement (though there are a couple of places where I could use a 40 watt) and I still have a whole bunch of CFLs I need to go through first.

But they are finally here!!!!



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